Using CAM Industry & Trade, fully automated decision-making processes can be carried out. Is the customer allowed to buy now and pay later or is he only offered the option "payment with order"?

Applications are checked in CAM taking into account all of the risk-relevant information (creditworthiness check), payment records and approved insurance limits. In this way, decisions can be made automatically and quickly. The processes and workflows can be defined flexibly and individually; your credit policy is replicated in the system. This enables fast, but at the same time secure, decisions. The decision on the application is issued together with a limit by the system and can also be provided to your own customers immediately, e.g. via a web portal.

The integration of all risk-relevant information can take place automatically in CAM Industry & Trade. To do this, we offer standard interfaces to the most commonly used information suppliers, from business information agencies to payment record pools and bank reports.

Your benefits from an automated decision-making process

  • Real-time checking of debitor risks and determination of credit lines
  • Creditworthiness-dependent selection of payment alternatives e.g. limitation to payment with order in the case of poor creditworthiness
  • Comparison of order behaviour to detect abnormalities
  • Optimized checking of new customers using external information
  • Automated compliance check, fraud prevention
  • Flexible checking of private and business customers
  • Reduction of defaults and the necessity for provisions for bad debt

Online portal

Make your customers happy. We enable fast decisions at the point of sale. For this purpose, we realize decision-making processes for you, e.g. using an online portal or directly integrated into your existing processes. Selling has never been so easy. Your customers will be satisfied and will be pleased to buy from you again.

Your advantages

  • Fast decisions
  • Creditworthiness-dependent payment conditions
  • Increased customer retention and satisfaction
  • Relief from routine activities
  • Cost savings
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