Master data management

CAM Financial Services supports you with automated processes in cleaning up and improving master data as well as in identifying duplicates across your entire data. Using highly efficient methods such as local radius searches, good results can be achieved even with poor‑quality address data. The processes run fully automatically in multiple stages.

The following functions are available:

  • Automatic checking for duplicates in your internal data
  • Use of highly effective search methods to identify similar data sets in internal and external data
  • Automatic geo-localization of the address data for the performance of local radius searches
  • Improvement of the address data with the addition of external information (import of verified address data and identifiers from information agencies)
  • Use of specific country-dependent information providers for searches or addition of information
  • Fraud detection: check whether address really exists
  • Realization using intelligent processes that can be adapted to your specific requirements

KYC and compliance

In ensuring compliance CAM Financial Services supports you with a multi-level KYC process: the clear identification of all contractual and business partners is followed by the verification of this information and the determination of financial beneficiaries. After this, the available information is compared with lists:

The following lists are checked:

  • Politically exposed persons (PEPs)
  • Anti-money-laundering (AML)
  • Combating the financing of terrorism (CFT)

All process steps from the identification to the verification and list comparison can be carried out fully automatically using the KYC feature and diverse information agency interfaces, and the information can be continuously monitored and updated. If changes occur (e.g. a person is added to a terrorism list), the system reacts automatically. All the processes are completely documented and historical data is retained in order to provide the obligatory proof for audits.

Dunning procedures and debt collection

Despite all precautions it might happen that one of your business partners fails to pay on time. CAM Financial Services suggests various measures and carries them out automatically according to your stipulations. Your dunning and debt collection procedures are thus tailor-made for your company and your customers.

The following functions are available:

  • Customer-individual or global dunning processes configurable
  • Support for suggestion-based (AI) or manual dunning processes
  • Manual, partly or fully automated performance of measures
  • Handing over of cases to debt-collection agencies via standard interfaces – including receiving status notifications
  • Setting up of individual documents / letters for correspondence (e.g. dunning letters) is possible
  • Automated sending of payment reminders via E-mail possible

The advantages:

  • (Part) automated dunning and debt collection processes
  • Customer-individual dunning and debt collection
  • Automated communication with external service providers
  • Complete documentation of all cases
  • Efficient and fast processes
  • Reduction of your defaults on claims


With the integrated reporting tool you obtain comprehensive possibilities to analyse all the data available in CAM Financial Services. Thus you can easily gain an overview of your entire portfolio and use this to decide on strategic measures. Using the integrated report editor you can easily create your own individual evaluations. These reports can then be run automatically and communicated at times you have defined.

The following functions are available:

  • Evaluation of the complete portfolio
  • Evaluation using standard or individual reports
  • Wide selection of standard reports included (e.g. rating distribution across the entire portfolio)
  • Generation of individual reports with the help of the integrated editor
  • Report scheduler to fix the intervals for the evaluations and the communication of the reports

The advantages:

  • Basis for deciding on strategic measures
  • Ideal as a basis for discussion of strategic decisions
  • Comprehensive selection possibilities
  • Flexibility through simple adaptation / extension of the reports

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