It is certainly not possible to treat all late payers in the same way. Nevertheless, dunning procedures and debt collection can be automated: e.g. differentiated according to industry or company size.

CAM Industry & Trade suggests various measures and carries them out automatically according to your stipulations. The system keeps a record of all the measures that have been performed so that you can review all the previous measures at any time. You can decide which measures you wish to take for which customer and when.

Your dunning and debt collection procedures are thus tailor-made for your company and your customers.

You could, for example, pass on all claims above a particular amount to an external service provider, who then takes care of them. Or you can stipulate that for a particular customer group automated dunning letters will be sent. The design of the measures is strictly aligned with your wishes and needs.

CAM Industry & Trade offers the following measures

  • Telephone payment reminder
  • Correspondence / dunning letters
  • Assignment to a debt-collection agency

Dunning and debt collection with CAM Industry & Trade

Your advantages

  • Determination of a set of measures for each file with conditions and rules (e.g. order of measures, invoice status)
  • (partly) automated receivables management
  • Automated communication with external service providers
  • Efficient and fast processes
  • Fulfilment of documentation obligations
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