You know your customers best yourselves! The most conclusive and up-to-date information about your customers can be obtained from your own payment records. This is important data, which is already available in your Accounts Department and costs nothing! Previously, however, the evaluation of this data was strenuous and there was seldom time for it during hectic business life. With our software you can evaluate and analyse this information in a targeted manner and also, of course, monitor it continuously.

CAM Industry & Trade takes over the data from your Accounts Department (unpaid invoices, current payments, payment reminders) and your inventory management (unfulfilled orders) and evaluates it automatically. You thus obtain informative trends, early-warning signals and highly selective characteristics from the data. The consequent and automated use of payment records has some unbeatable advantages compared with relying on external information: they are always up-to-date, are available free-of-charge and represent the payment behaviour of your customers specifically with your company.

When evaluated exhaustively, they provide the most valuable indications that you need for your daily work!

CAM Industry & Trade includes comprehensive functionality designed to access this payment information and process it automatically. For every existing customer you can immediately see the current payment history, turnover and exposure record. In particular, the system derives a trend from the payment records of the past. It provides a prognosis of how the customer and his payment behaviour will develop in the future. This trend flows into the early warning system, which automatically brings conspicuous customers to the attention of your credit managers and sales staff. You therefore know exactly which cases you should look at and can work on these in a targeted manner.

Use payment record pools

What works alone works better in a team: with payment record pools. The idea behind a payment record pool is simple but effective: many companies supply the pool with information about their experiences with their customers. The pool operator then combines the data, either completely or according to industry, and delivers an evaluation to the pool members. This information enables you to compare the payment behaviour of a customer with your company and with other creditors. The solutions from the pool providers are completely integrated into the processes in compliance with data protection regulations.

Your advantages

  • Payment records are available from your Accounts Department, cost nothing and are up-to-date
  • CAM Industry & Trade provides targeted trends, early-warning signals and highly selective characteristics
  • The data is presented clearly and graphically
  • The payment record pools from Bisnode/D&B, Creditreform, EOS and IHD are integrated

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