CAM Industry & Trade can evaluate all the information for you according to various criteria. All aspects of the data can be combined, allowing numerous analyses, e.g. portfolio, turnover, structure, customers or trends. All individual pieces of information are brought together, categorized according to time periods and various evaluation aspects.

From any report, you can open the customer file and view the individual risk. When analysing a rating class you can immediately see which individual customers are in that class. For every individual user you can define which evaluations may or may not be accessed. And you can evaluate all data either for a single tenant (customer base) or across all tenants.

Practice-orientated, adaptable reports provide you with a solid foundation. But the CAM system also gives you the possibility to create your own reports and schedule them to be run. Reports can be run once, at a specific time, or on a regular basis (e.g. on the 15th of each month).

Get answers to important questions immediately, at any time

  • Which customers have exceeded limits by the most?
  • How are your customers distributed across the rating classes?
  • Which customers have the highest limits, exposure, open positions and/or outstanding orders?
  • By how much has your average DSO improved?
  • How are open positions and credit defaults distributed across your branches?
  • For how many and which customers are commercial credit insurance lines available, and in what amount?
  • Which totals do I need to report to the credit insurance company?

Profit from a detailed, current overview of your debitor management and your receivables structure!

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