Cam Industry Trade Credit and debitor management for industrial, energy and wholesale companies

Credit management straight to the point. You control your processes quickly, flexibly and securely – from creditworthiness checks and commercial credit insurance right up to receivables management. You always maintain an overview – of every customer and of the entire portfolio.

  • Flexible and modular
  • Highest security standards
  • Workflow-based credit limit allocation
  • Integrated KYC processes
  • Company-group-wide and international use
  • Complete transparency
  • Integrated commercial credit insurance companies
  • Receivables management and dunning procedures
  • Portfolio analyses and reporting

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Customer checks

Regardless if you, as a trading company, need to carry out mass-checks of customers and potential customers quickly and reliably or, as an industrial company, need to check small numbers of customers with high project volumes intensively, with CAM Industry & Trade you can master these tasks.

Customer monitoring

For existing customers, the software carries out automatic continuous monitoring. You can observe, for example, customers that have a payment plan separately in a watchlist and rely on the automatic monitoring with CAM Industry & Trade.

Internal payment records

The most conclusive and up-to-date information about your customers can be obtained from your own payment records. With CAM Industry & Trade you can evaluate and analyse this information and, of course, monitor it constantly.

Application processes

We enable fast decisions at the point of sale. We realize credit applications, limit applications or orders for you, also using web-based online portals, or integrate the software seamlessly into your existing processes.

Commercial credit insurance

If you use commercial credit insurance and have a complex customer base, a considerable amount of work is necessary to conclude the insurance contracts, not least because obligations to the insurance company need to be fulfilled. Both the application processes and the obligation activities can be flexibly automated. This saves time and creates security.

Workflow support

CAM Industry & Trade automates the processes in credit management. The responsible members of staff do not need to run after the information: the system notifies them when information is available. All the different threads come together in the system and make your work easier. The state of affairs is always transparent for every customer.

Dunning and debt collection procedures

Despite all precautions it occasionally happens that one of your customers becomes insolvent or fails to pay on time. Careful action is required. The software can also do this, both for mass business and for individually tailored dunning and collection processes.

Reporting and portfolio

Any customer, any figure, any time. With CAM Industry & Trade you have all the information centrally on your database – the targeted evaluation of all this data is only a click away.


Prevent anonymous economic transactions and identify all your contractual and business partners clearly with CAM Industry & Trade in order to secure your compliance!

Annual financial report analyses

Annual report data is essential information for well-founded credit decisions and the evaluation of the creditworthiness of your customers. Key figures provide detailed facts about the finances, income and assets of a company.

With CAM Industry & Trade you obtain a software tool for standardized and audit-safe financial report analysis.

CAM Industry & Trade at EWE AG

Jan Ostermeier, responsible for Group Finance and Risk Management at EWE AG, talks about the use and benefits of the CAM Industry & Trade software by SCHUMANN.

CAM Industry & Trade at BAUKING AG

Andreas Lüer, Head of Credit and Insurance Management at BAUKING AG on the use of CAM Industry & Trade software by SCHUMANN.

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