Obtaining reports is simple; managing and evaluating them requires intensive manual work, which CAM Industry & Trade can help you to avoid. When you use CAM Industry & Trade, all the information is uniformly available and centrally stored in a database. In your daily work you can access all the available information about a specific customer within seconds and from any location. For making strategic decisions you can obtain current and targeted evaluations and ratings for your entire customer portfolio.

But that's not all. CAM Industry & Trade also helps you organize your work and function smoothly as a team. Create your own resubmissions for specific files or delegate a task to a colleague and set yourself up as an observer in order to be informed about the process. With CAM Industry & Trade this is no problem.

We provide optimal support for your workflows, including stand-in rules and escalation options. Team members who do not regularly work with CAM Industry & Trade can receive notifications by E‑mail. CAM Industry & Trade brings all the threads together, making your work easier.

Your advantages

  • Integrated task tool for workflow support
  • Access to all information at any time, from any location and mobile when you are on the move
  • Comprehensive authorization concept with escalation levels
  • Comprehensive possibilities to nominate stand-ins
  • Strategic portfolio evaluation at the push of a button

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Intelligent workflow management with CAM Industry & Trade
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